TCS IT WIZ – 2014 Kolkata Edition

My school and participated in the nation’s biggest IT quiz this time . There were 7 teams from my school and I was also in one of the teams . The quiz is hosted in 14 cities of the nation in which i went to nearest center Kolkata . It is hosted by Balasubramaniam, popularly known as Pickbrain who is awesome .. 🙂 Although none of us went on stage , but I got to  learn something …… The cutoff was 14 and my team got 12 … You can practice from these prelim questions . The prelims questions were :-

1.Who has friends named Angela, Ben, Ginger etc and comes from the house of  ‘Outfit 7’?(Hint:He talks too much)
Ans:Talking Tom Cat.

2.Social Soccer is an app by which company?

3.It named after a Buddhist deity. Which famous Japanese company am I talking about?? (Hint: World Famous camera company)
Ans: Canon

4. This dot com is owned by RPG group. Formerly known as Gramaphone Company of India.Identify.

5.Which company would you associate this logo with?


6.Identify the service.

Ans:Samsung ChatOn

7.Films like The Karate Kid , The Da Vinci Code , The Pursuit of Happyness and more  were all made by Columbia Pictures.Which company owns it? (Hint its a beverage company)
Ans: Coca-Cola
[The answer to this was given wrong.The actual answer to this is Sony Pictures Entertainment .Sony Picture Entertainment bought it from Coca-Cola in September 28,1989]

8.Who is he? (Hint:Founder of a famous OS)

Ans:Linus Torvals

9.This company is a part of CBS. It purchased What am I talking about?
Options: BBC, CNET and CNN

10.What has been blanked out?

Ans:Michael Dell

11.Its a book on which Microsoft CEO?

Ans:Steve Ballmar

12.This font’s name means a weapon used by Romans is a type of catapult that was used as a siege engine in the Middle Ages. (Hint:Starts with ‘T’)

13.Identify the popular game.


14.The koobface virus disabled flash plugins on which famous website?
Ans: Facebook

15.What was the name given to the eight employees who left Fairchild Semiconductors and several huge companies later?
Ans:Traitorous eight

16.What was started by the merger of and confinity?

17.Expand Mac as in Mac address.
Ans: Media Access Control.

18.In CYMK, if C stands for Cyan, M for Magenta and Y for Yellow, what does K stands for?
Ans: Black

19.Which computer program was created by Yukihiro Matsumoto?

20.What was initially planned to be named the “bug” by Douglas Englebert after its creation but is now known by a different name? (Hint : We all see it on our computer display screens)


2 thoughts on “TCS IT WIZ – 2014 Kolkata Edition

    1. i just copied the questions which has to be the same because the questions of the event cant be different…. 😛 and everthing else regarding my experience is original…………

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