General Quiz 3

1. Seeking to attract the youth, the X is all set to launch a video game called ‘Guardians of the Sky’ in which players can carry out virtual attacks on enemy targets flying a Su-30MKI combat aircraft. X please.

2 . Identfy Him . He is the first person to be hanged in independent India


3 . We all know about Ice Bucket Challenge and Rice Bucket Challenge but nowdays another challenge is trending on social media . This challenge is the brain child of Team OLPV (One Library Per Village) Incubated at Startup Village in Kochi. The initiative is aimed at eradicating illiteracy by spreading the joy of reading. Name of the challenge ?

4 . What in the world of technology was inspired by the size of a simple paper napkin? (Hint : It is a storage device.)

5 . X is a group of institutes in India which was first started in Kharagpur then Mumbai and after that in Kanpur and Chennai . Now there are 16 institutes of X and very soon there will be 5 more institutes in Jammu and Kashmir , Chhattisgarh , Goa , Andhra Pradesh and Kerala . Identify X .

6 .  Why this flower has gained importance in news recently.

7 . Name the English poet, playwright and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language who was born and died on the same day .

8. Identify Him . He is the CEO of very famous telecom major.

9. Name the app.

10 . X is an abstract conceptand is relevant in a number of fields, predominantly mathematicsand physics. Georg Cantor formalized many ideas related to X and X sets during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In the theory he developed, there are X sets of different sizes (called cardinalities).Identify X .


3 thoughts on “General Quiz 3

  1. Answers (a lot of good guesswork and luck into these) –
    1. Indian Air Force
    2. Nathuram Godse
    3. Book Bucket Challenge
    4. no clue
    5. IIT’s
    6. BJP’s symbol – came to power in India in May 2014
    7. William Shakespeare
    8. Rajeev Suri – Nokia
    9. iRangoli (TCS pune :))
    10. Infinity (a previous bout of curiosity in maths led me to this)

    1. Kurt William Shakespeare was right and Soham the rest of answers which you gave was correct.

      Answer to the 4th one is Floppy disk as it is 3/4th the size of a paper napkin

      Good quizzing….. 🙂

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