Google Code In – 2014

This year I had participated in Google Code In and I had contributed to Sahana Software Foundation .

You all know what SSF is all about cause of my previous post about it . So I was able to do 7 tasks which involved finding bugs , making docs , making wireframe designs and fixing the known bugs .

The result was declared on 3rd Feb ( I know I’m late in posting about this ) , and I finished 6th in my org . Congratulations to Samsruti Dash and Anurag Sharma as they are the part of 24 grand prize winners and will be visiting Google HQ this June.

I got a T-shirt and a certificate as an appreciation for my work as I was able to complete three tasks . This was the prize I got –

A special thanks to all my friends like Vipul , Samsruti , Anurag , Sai Vineet for encouraging me throughout the seven week contests as well as my awesome mentors Pat, Ramindu , Hitesh and Robert for appreciating me as well as guiding me all through .

Hope and try to be a grand prize winner next year.


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