Tech Quiz

Since it is the season of TCS IT WIZ I came up with a set of quiz questions from the world of technology . There are 10 questions , you can give your answers in comments and answers to these will be posted after some time :-

1 . Identify This App which is used to teach different languages :-


2 . Who is the Father of ‘JavaScript’ ?

3.  Name a feature of a social networking site which was included in the English Dictionary recently ? (Hint: The social networking site is Facebook)

4. This E-Commerce company aims that it will ship their deliveries through a  a futuristic delivery system for his company’s products which will deliver them to customers within 30 minutes of their ordering. Name the Company and the service .

5. Identify This Internet entrepreneur who is the head of key projects of Google .


6. These football legends are advertising a  IT company with the company’s logo inside their T-shirt. Name the Company .

images (1)

7. Identify This person.


8. Name the programming language named after a very famous lady programmer .

9 . What is the significance of ?

10. HP  came with an alternative to Java . Name it.


One thought on “Tech Quiz

  1. Answers :-

    1. Duolingo
    2. Brendan Eich
    4. Amazon and the service is Amazon prime air
    5. Sergey brin , founder of Google
    6. Intel , the advertisement is inside the T-shirt cause Intel is inside not outside
    7. Salman Khan , Founder of Khan academy
    8. Ada named after Lady Ada Lovelace
    9. is the first registered domain
    10. ‘Chai’

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