TCS IT WIZ 2015 Hyderabad prelims

Tcs IT wiz is back with a bang.Here is the set of questions asked in prelims at hyderabad held at 31st August :-

1.Hawkeye is a technology service released by the government of which city? (It helps in women protection ….etc)
2.Which company acquired Kirananow to help in grocery service in India?
3.Founders of which company ?

4.Which TCS owned subsidiary helped the government and has Ramnathan Ramana as its CEO ?
5.Which famous Mathematician lends his name to the Science and tech column of The Economist
Ans:Charles Babbage
6.Pavel Baudis created which antivirus software in 1990s in order to counter the famous Vienna Computer Virus ?
7.Which communication technology is depicted here ? (Options : Wifi , Bluetooth, NFC)

8.Logo of ?

Ans:Google Goggles

Ans:Criminal Case
10.Which company was founded as Control Video Corporation and then later bought by Verizon of 4.4 billion dollars ?
11.Which co founder of Facebook founded Asana and is a philanthropist
Ans:Dustin Moskovitz
12. X began as a response to disaster. Japan’s devastating Tōhoku earthquake in March 2011 damaged telecommunications infrastructure nationwide, obliging employees at NHN Japan, a unit of Korea’s NHN Corp, to rely on Internet-based resources to communicate.
Ans: Line
13.Makemytrip sponsores which IPL team ?
Ans:Sun Risers Hyderabad
14.Which person co-authored the book ‘A Japan That Can Says No’ with Shintaro Ishihara, the then Minister of Transport and leading LDP figure who would become governor of Tokyo ?
Ans:Akio Morita
15.Which celebrity founded ArtPop ?
Ans:Lady Gaga
16.Which company  purchased a small wireless technology company called Cloudhopper to boost their SMS services ?
17.”Still using credit cards to pay bills?” Is a campaign launched by which famous website?(hint:They own Snappy Solutions)
18.Which term comes from including the entire life of a person in a brief display able media,similar to webcast and broadcast
19.Headquarters of ?


The cutoff was 13 .

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Google Code In – 2014

This year I had participated in Google Code In and I had contributed to Sahana Software Foundation .

You all know what SSF is all about cause of my previous post about it . So I was able to do 7 tasks which involved finding bugs , making docs , making wireframe designs and fixing the known bugs .

The result was declared on 3rd Feb ( I know I’m late in posting about this ) , and I finished 6th in my org . Congratulations to Samsruti Dash and Anurag Sharma as they are the part of 24 grand prize winners and will be visiting Google HQ this June.

I got a T-shirt and a certificate as an appreciation for my work as I was able to complete three tasks . This was the prize I got –

A special thanks to all my friends like Vipul , Samsruti , Anurag , Sai Vineet for encouraging me throughout the seven week contests as well as my awesome mentors Pat, Ramindu , Hitesh and Robert for appreciating me as well as guiding me all through .

Hope and try to be a grand prize winner next year.