Google Code In 2015 Experience

Google Code In 2015 is a coding contest for pre-university students aged 13-17 years which inspires them and introduces them to the concept of open-source. In this contest ,  various open-source organisations take part and publish tasks which are designed in such a way which is suitable for school going students . Well , this year 14 organisations/mentoring orgs participated and I chose to work/contribute to Metabrainz Foundation.

Let me tell you what Metabrainz Foundation is all about , it is the umbrella organisation which covers Musicbrainz , AcousticBrainz , BookBrainz and ListenBrainz . It is an online database of music and the data related to it whereas Bookbrainz is the same in the field of books. The database is used by many famous companies such as Google , Amazon , Musixmatch , Spotify , BBC etc. in their music related offerings .

Starting with the Experience , it was awesome to collaborate with people across the world and as always the ‘GCI Awesomness’ was prevalent . I got many things to learn by my aweosome mentors and friends . This year I did 11 tasks which covered making how tos , infographics , redesigning the homepages and providing a working mockups of it and testing different themes on one of the projects and fixing the UI bugs which came in my way of testing . I’d like to thank my mentors and my friends who encouraged me throughout the contest .

Just Now, the results were live and I am very happy to say that I am selected as a Finalist (one of the top 5 students in my org) in the contest for my work for Metabrainz and I congratulate all the other finalists and I wish a great and safe journey to all the Grand Prize Winners who will be visiting Googleplex later this year . Here is the result of my org:-



This is the link to post on the google’s official open-source blog which describes the result :-

Click Here : Google’s Official Open-source Blog

Last year I wasn’t a finalist , this year I became a finalist and not a grand prize winner and next year let’s see what happens 🙂

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